I've got some exciting news for you...

After creating the number 1 product in Clickbank last year, called Home Made Energy, the number 1 survival product in Clickbank... and that is Family Survival Course, we've been busy lately in our lab creating a new survival offer that can put killer cash in your pocket... and the hard work has paid off! Our latest product is ready for your skillful hands and creative minds...

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Just need to go to Clickbank, search for „hofort”, create your hoplink and start earning big money with the next best survival product.

Ok, so here's the deal... For whole 2 weeks in October, we're going to let you cash in on this puppy big time!
90% commission from the 5th - through the 19th of October.

BUT... I'm not just giving it to everyone!!!

No free rides here... I'm only hooking up those who are serious about putting in some effort!

And... when this period is over, we have a very special plan for you: make over 500 sales a month and I'll set up your commission up to 80% permanently, make over 1000 sales a month and your commission will be set for good up to 85%.

And if you'd like a free print copy of the book, just shoot me an email at partners@unbreakablehome.org and I'll give you access to see for yourself why this offer is doing so well.

I have email creatives and banners ready to go so just let me know what you'd like and we'll get it for you.

Thank you again for being a trusted partner! We look forward to bigger and better results and working more closely with you.

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Terms and Conditions

  • Applies to all affiliates.
  • The 90% commission pay plan is for a limited period of time October 5, 2013 – October 19, 2013
  • Promotions can not be combined for higher payouts.